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Safety Equipments.

Workplace safety can mean different things for different environments. Whatever safety means for your role, ADEPT can help you to achieve it. ADEPT provides high-quality, dependable products you can trust to keep employees and work sites safe. We exactly supply what you need to keep your workers safe and your workplace compliant with safety regulations.
We are trusted exporter, importer and supplier of different types of safety equipments which is absolutely safe and user friendly. Our range of safety equipments comprise of safety ear muffs, safety coveralls, safety rubber gloves, safety helmets, safety jackets, safety eye wash and safety shoes. We offer safety equipments in diverse sizes, in accordance with client’s specifications.


When you are on your feet all day, comfortable and safe footwear is important. You can find CE approved shoes, boots and accessories in our Footwear category. Safety shoes can make the difference in whether or not a work accident ends well. If you drop something heavy on your foot, step on a nail, or get your foot run-over, the correct safety footwear can be instrumental in you escaping without harm.
Approved safety footwear has many different safety features. Midsoles safeguard you from sharp objects from underneath whilst toe caps safeguard you from falling objects from above. Slip resistant soles ensure you stand firm on uneven or slippery surfaces. You’ll also find chemical and heat resistant footwear, and antistatic shoes. Our uncompromising attitude to quality is linked to the strategic decision to procure and supply NOT the cheapest work wear, but the Best.


Our clothing line includes chemical resistant suits and separates, work wear, rain wear, disposable protective clothing, leather welding and abrasion resistant garments, winter liners and accessories etc.


Whether you are inspecting electronic equipment, cutting meat, welding or changing your spark plugs, your hands are exposed to all types of hazards. We have a variety of safety gloves, including butyl and coated work gloves, cold weather gloves, cotton canvas & jersey gloves, cut resistant gloves, disposable gloves & finger cots, drivers gloves, heat resistant gloves, hot mill gloves, inspection gloves, PVA, laminated and cryogenic gloves, latex/rubber gloves, leather palm gloves, MIG/TIG welding gloves, neoprene gloves, PVC gloves, string gloves, vibration gloves and mechanics gloves. There are many sizes, colors and cuffs available for you to make the right safety glove choice in hand protection.

Head, Eye & Face Protection.

Adept offers high quality & economical school bus LED display and video camera systems. Bus security surveillance and pupil transportation cameras providing an expert witness in case of accident or incident. It’s inevitable that the rambunctious and energetic nature of children will sometimes override the safety rules of the bus. Surveillance cameras can give bus driver the proverbial “eyes in the back of the head,” and allow them to keep children in check while navigating the route to or from

Respiratory Protection.

Whether its disposable face masks, APR, PAPR, SCBA, supplied air systems or any of the supporting cartridges, filters or accessories, we have a wide selection of respiratory protection equipment to fit your needs.